audio FX: dynamic pre-emphasis (as in cassette recorders)

Do you remember cassettes decks with “noise reduction” system? This module contains an encoder wich enhance high frequencies of low level signals. It adds highs in a subtle way…

  • DRY/WET : balance between input and output
  • INPUT : attenuation/gain
  • 2 discrete channels

SIZE: 4HP – 38 mm deep (including inserted power connector)
+12V : 60 mA
-12V : 15 mA
+5V : 0 mA


Bit crusher

  • SAMPLE RATE : 480 Hz to 20 KHz
  • BITS : 10 bit to 1 bit
  • Clipping led
  • DC coupled inputs / outputs

SIZE: 3HP – 34 mm deep (including inserted power connector)
+12V : 13 mA
-12V : 4 mA
+5V : 0 mA


WAV sample player

This module is a stereo wave sample player based on the opensource module “WVR”.
Actually this is an eurorack shield for the WVR board (included).

  • 13 trigger inputs (or CV for inputs with ADC)
  • 1 MIDI input (TRS minijack – A/B type)
  • Stereo output
  • 8 Gb of built-in memory
  • NO SD CARD! upload samples and organize them over WIFI
  • WIFI: turns WIFI on/off
  • RESET: resets the module and commits the input assignments.
  • Optional 2 HP sister panel to send triggers manually with buttons.

SIZE: 4HP – 42 mm deep
+12V (WIFI ON) : 250 mA
+12V (WIFI OFF) : 140 mA
-12V : 18 mA
+5V : 0 mA


Tube overdrive / VCA with built-in filtered feedback path.

  • Miniature vacuum tube
  • IN/OVERDRIVE : drive the tube (white pot)
  • FEEDBACK : reinjection level
  • FB COLOR : low pass filter for feedback path
  • GAIN CV : tube gain control
  • FEEDBACK : second signal input. Output of the filter (color) is normalled to this input. This allow to bypass the filter in the feedback loop.

SIZE: 3HP – 39 mm deep (including inserted power connector)
+12V : 9 mA
-12V : 18 mA
+5V : 0 mA

WARNING: This module picks up alot of the power supply noise (due to the tube design). It is not intended as “HIFI” use. The frequency response of the design is (intentionally) not limited, and the tube may rings with a high tone for some seconds when it receives mecanical vibrations (jack insertion for example). This is a common microphonic phenomenon.


Random gate generator with memory.

This module allows to control the probability to pass incoming gate signals at the output.
The resulting sequence can be “freezed” and stored in 5 memories.
Check demo video

  • SEQ# : selects memory to play (white pot).
  • REPLAY / FREEZE sequence
  • LENGTH : sequence length
  • OODS : probability to pass gate at the output
  • CV input for ODDS / SEQ# / FREEZE

SIZE: 4HP – 38 mm deep (including inserted power connector)
+12V : 12 mA
-12V : 0 mA
+5V : 0 mA

Noise Pattern Generator

This is a Eurorack version of A01 (Glitch and Noise Generator). All parameters are now open to modular world.
Extra feature: time delay can be synced.


  • 14 HP eurorack module (35 mm deep)
  • PT2396 used as noise core
  • Pattern duration can be synced with pulses (sync in) or with tap button
  • divide / multiply sync input
  • built-in frequency divider
  • built-in oscillator for the ring modulator, input for external oscillator
  • built-in VCA with dedicated output
  • modulation inputs: TIME A, OCTAVE
  • trigger inputs: EG, RESET, TIME B, CHAOS1, CHAOS2
  • power consumption: 40 mA +12V, 4 mA -12V