Lo-Fi synth in 4 HP

A classic Lo-Fi synth keyboard now in eurorack, unique module!
Check demo video or hear it

  • 99 tones, 4 voices of polyphony
  • CV for synth crystal oscillator
  • Chord mode (create your 4 notes chords)
  • Recall chords + transpose + inversion
  • MIDI input
  • Circuit bending “crash mode” function

SIZE: 4HP – 46 mm deep (including inserted power connector)
+12V : 115 mA
-12V : 8 mA
+5V : 0 mA

A piece made with Tone Hack, the Noise Pattern Generator (A03) and Chipz (Cre8audio):

Buffered Multiples

Utility: signal replication

  • INPUT 1 feeds OUTPUT 1 through 6. If a jack is plugged into INPUT 2, INPUT 1 will supply OUTPUT 1 through 3, and INPUT 2 will supply OUTPUT 4 through 6.
  • The two-color LED indicates the polarity and activity of the signal applied to INPUT 1 only. (red is positive, green is negative).

Please note that the opamp model used is TL072. Accuracy will not let you drive many oscillators in perfect unison. No problem for audio / modulation / clock signals.

SIZE: 2HP – 26 mm deep (including inserted power connector)
+12V : 18 mA
-12V : 18 mA
+5V : 0 mA


Utility: voltmeter

This is not a fancy VU meter, it has a linear response and is designed to measure voltages to help you understand
what’s going on with your control voltages. Each LED represents 1 volt (red for positive range and blue for negative range).

  • Both jacks sockets are in parallel, so select one for the input signal and the other for the output signal.
  • The unique button toggles between plain mode (default) or dot mode.

SIZE: 2HP – 41 mm deep (including inserted power connector)
+12V : 65 mA
-12V : 8 mA
+5V : 0 mA


audio FX: dynamic pre-emphasis (as in cassette recorders)

Do you remember cassettes decks with “noise reduction” system? This module contains an encoder wich enhance high frequencies of low level signals. It adds highs in a subtle way…

  • DRY/WET : balance between input and output
  • INPUT : attenuation/gain
  • 2 discrete channels

SIZE: 4HP – 38 mm deep (including inserted power connector)
+12V : 60 mA
-12V : 15 mA
+5V : 0 mA


Bit crusher

  • SAMPLE RATE : 480 Hz to 20 KHz
  • BITS : 10 bit to 1 bit
  • Clipping led
  • DC coupled inputs / outputs

SIZE: 3HP – 34 mm deep (including inserted power connector)
+12V : 13 mA
-12V : 4 mA
+5V : 0 mA


WAV sample player

This module is a stereo wave sample player based on the opensource module “WVR”.
Actually this is an eurorack shield for the WVR board (included).

  • 13 trigger inputs (or CV for inputs with ADC)
  • 1 MIDI input (TRS minijack – A/B type)
  • Stereo output
  • 8 Gb of built-in memory
  • NO SD CARD! upload samples and organize them over WIFI
  • WIFI: turns WIFI on/off
  • RESET: resets the module and commits the input assignments.
  • Optional 2 HP sister panel to send triggers manually with buttons.

SIZE: 4HP – 42 mm deep
+12V (WIFI ON) : 250 mA
+12V (WIFI OFF) : 140 mA
-12V : 18 mA
+5V : 0 mA