Tube overdrive / VCA with built-in filtered feedback path.

  • Miniature vacuum tube
  • IN/OVERDRIVE : drive the tube (white pot)
  • FEEDBACK : reinjection level
  • FB COLOR : low pass filter for feedback path
  • GAIN CV : tube gain control
  • FEEDBACK : second signal input. Output of the filter (color) is normalled to this input. This allow to bypass the filter in the feedback loop.

SIZE: 3HP – 39 mm deep (including inserted power connector)
+12V : 9 mA
-12V : 18 mA
+5V : 0 mA

WARNING: This module picks up alot of the power supply noise (due to the tube design). It is not intended as “HIFI” use. The frequency response of the design is (intentionally) not limited, and the tube may rings with a high tone for some seconds when it receives mecanical vibrations (jack insertion for example). This is a common microphonic phenomenon.