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Noise Pattern Generator

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This is a Eurorack version of A01 (Glitch and Noise Generator). All parameters are now open to modular world.
Extra feature: time delay can be synced.


  • 14 HP eurorack module (35 mm deep)
  • PT2396 used as noise core
  • Pattern duration can be synced with pulses (sync in) or with tap button
  • divide / multiply sync input
  • built-in frequency divider
  • built-in oscillator for the ring modulator, input for external oscillator
  • built-in VCA with dedicated output
  • modulation inputs: TIME A, OCTAVE
  • trigger inputs: EG, RESET, TIME B, CHAOS1, CHAOS2
  • power consumption: 40 mA +12V, 4 mA -12V
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